February 13 2018

2-11-18 Jacquie Tyre - Discovering True Identity

This week's podcast is all about coming out of the wrong identity perceptions, and into all that Christ has for you! Join apostle Jacquie Tyre as she explains the importance and practicals of identity in Christ.


February 6 2018

2-4-18 Jacquie Tyre - Potential Vs. Purpose

As many people are well into their goal setting for 2018, this is a perfect message to engage with God and ask: "Am I pursuing my potential, or am I pursuing YOUR purpose?" Apostle Jacquie Tyre breaks down the trap we can all fall into, and how to focus on the God-ordained, powerful purpose that you were made for!


January 30 2018

1-28-18 Clay Nash - Securing Access Through the Open Door, Part 3

In this week's podcast, apostle Clay Nash closes out the weekend series, Securing Access Through the Open Door! 


1-26-18 Clay Nash - Securing Access Through the Open Door, Part 1

Join Apostle Clay Nash as he begins a special weekend series on securing access through the open door!


January 23 2018

1-21-18 Jacquie Tyre - Tilling the Soil of Your Soul

This week's podcast is a dive into Matthew 13 - the parable of the 4 soils. Apostle Jacquie Tyre explores the deeper meaning of this story, and the transformative truths that Jesus is calling us to!


January 16 2018

1-14-18 Sondra Lemser - But God!

In this week's podcast, City Gate Atlanta leader Sondra Lemser shares a message of hope in the processes of God. If you have been going through tough times and trying to find God in it, this message is for you! Be encouraged - help IS on the way!


January 9 2018

1-7-18 Jacquie Tyre - Growing in Wisdom, Favor, and Stature

With a new year upon us, apostle Jacquie Tyre elaborates on Luke 2:52 (Jesus "grew in wisdom, favor, and stature with God and with man") and the implications for those of us who follow in Christ's steps. Prepare for a year of growing - and be sure to listen until the end of the podcast as she releases a powerful apostoilic blessing!


January 2 2018

12-31-17 Entering the New Year With Strength!

Along with apostle Jacquie Tyre, the City Gate Atlanta leadership team shares what the Lord has been telling them about 2018! You will be encouraged as you hear each independent word linking with the others, as the prophetic forecast speaks of great things on the horizon!


December 19 2017

12-17-17 Jacquie Tyre - Hope of Glory

In light of the coming holidays and the coming year, Jacquie Tyre delves into the subject of glory for the Ekklesia, and the certain effect it will have on this generation and society.


December 12 2017

12-10-17 Beverly Roach - Kingdom Culture: Righteousness, Peace & Joy (Part 2)

Beverly Roach continues the Kingdom Culture series with a deeper look at God's perspective on righteoussness, peace, and joy, and why it is paramount we walk in the true expression of these in this hour!

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