May 17 2015

Journey of Recovering Jewels of Past Revivals - Jacquie Tyre

Jacquie shared this with us after she returned from a journey to Wales where she visited some of the places of revivals from the past. She begins declaring Ps 24:7 over our city that city gates open wide, that the Glorious King will soon pass our way. Jacquie walked us through looking back into the revivals of that land to prepare us for that which is ahead. Sandra shares with us a review of Rees Howells' powerful story of he becoming and being used as an intercessor.

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April 26 2015

You Are A Vessel To Carry Glory - Jacquie Tyre

During this message Jacquie describes how each one of us has been created as a vessel to carry the Glory of God. Listen to hear how you are a carrier of the Holy of Holies!

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April 19 2015

Going Forth in God’s Glory - Jacquie Tyre

Jacquie walks us through the mystery of what God has for us, what He has been saying to us going forth in His Glory. We are the ones who will be releasing the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord throughout the world!

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April 5 2015

Kingdom View of Finances by Beverly Roach

This is a short message and testimony from Beverly to how the Holy Spirit led her through a view of finances.

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March 29 2015

Surrender: Unlocking the Gate to Your Destiny - Jacquie Tyre

Surrender is the key to unlocking the gate to your destiny. Listen to this blessed teaching by Jacquie on what this means.

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March 22 2015

Psalm 57, The Passion Translation - Jacquie Tyre

Jacquie goes through Psalm 57 from the from The Passion translation.

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March 15 2015

What Are You Doing With What Has Been Given To You - Jacquie Tyre

This is a thought provoking message from Jacquie spurred by the question from the Lord: "What are you doing with all I have given you?"  Starting with Ephesians 4:7, Jacquie explores the concept that if Grace was given according to Christ's gift, have we fully explored the full measure of that gift?

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February 22 2015

Vision by Jacquie Tyre

During this time together Jacquie speaks to bringing together the visionaries through CityGate Atlanta. What is yours? Are you a Mephibosheth? How do we all work together as every joint supplied going forward. Listen to this to hear more about walking forward in vision with CGA.

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February 15 2015

Guest Speakers Kevin and Rose Sanbrook

What a blessed message from Kevin and Rose Sandbrook while they were visiting us Valentine's weekend. Rose proposes the question of what should our response be to God's outrageous love? We received a special reading from a surprise author who shared a special reading from her book. Kevin shared with us about contending, conducting and conquering in the will of God, sharing 1 Samuel 17. Listen to this episode and you will be surprisingly encouraged!

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February 14 2015

Women’s Extravagant Love Day pt 2: Powerful Testimony of God’s Love by Saundra

We start this episode with a great story by Jacquie on God's extravagant love in a move for her. Then we hear a powerful testimony by our dear friend Saundra of how she has experienced God's extravagant love for her through an incredible life story. You will be blessed and encouraged to hear what the Lord did for her through the darkest of circumstances.

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