December 14 2018

12-9-18 Don Lynch - Kingdom Advancement in the New Era

Join us! As we welcome Apostle Don Lynch back to Citygate as he speaks regarding our advancement through the kingdom in this new era.


December 11 2018

12-2-18 Jacquie Tyre - Feast of Hanukkah

Tune in! As Apostle Jacquie Tyre discusses about the significance of the holiday of Hanukkah.


November 29 2018

11-25-18 Jacquie Tyre - Restore Aligning with God

Be Encouraged! As Apostle Jacquie Tyre concludes her message regarding restoration by discussing about aligning with God.


November 27 2018

11-18-18 Jacquie Tyre - Restore the Ekklesia

Tune in! As Apostle Jacquie Tyre further discusses about restoration by moving on to speaking about restoring the Ekklesia. 


November 13 2018

11-11-18 Jacquie Tyre - Restore

Join us! As Apostle Jacquie Tyre teaches about the acts of Restoration.


November 9 2018

11-4-18 Beverly Roach - Operating in the Spirit of Excellance

Tune in! As Beverly Roach discusses tonight how to operate in God's economy through the spirit of excellence.


November 6 2018

10-28-18 Clay Nash - Aligned for Conquest

Be Encouraged! As Guest Speaker Clay Nash speaks his message "Aligned for Conquest".


October 16 2018

10-14-18 Jacquie tyre - Be Bold and VERY Couragous

Join us! As Apostle Jacquie Tyre discusses tonight about being bold and couragous. 


October 9 2018

10-7-18 Jacquie Tyre - Breaking Free

Be encouraged as Apostle Jacquie Tyre speaks an awesome message about breaking free of our shell.


October 2 2018

9-30-18 Jacquie Tyre - Aligning for Harvest Increase

Join us! As Apostle Jacquie Tyre speaks about the harvesting of our first fruits of this season.

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