December 12 2017

11-19-17 Celtic Christianity Conference - Final Session

Guests Kevin & Rose Sambrook from Ireland join Jacquie Tyre for prophetic messages of hope and direction for the season ahead!


December 5 2017

12-3-17 Tim Sheets - The Declarative Inclination of Faith

To close out a powerful weekend conference about Angel Armies, Apostle Tim Sheets brought an empowering and instructive word on how faith should speak and delcare, and has a certain inclination and persuasion of thinking. Your faith will be ignited and transformed as you listen to this kairos word from Apostle Tim!


November 28 2017

11-26-17 Jacquie Tyre - Kingdom Culture: Kingdom Authority and the Ekklesia

Continuing in the series of Kingdom Culture, Jacquie Tyre dives deeper into the aspects of authority in the kingdom of God and the dynamics of it working through the Ekklesia aligned with heaven!


11-12-17 Jacquie Tyre - Kingdom Culture: Kingdom Authority

Continuing in the Kingdom Culture series, Jacquie Tyre explains the implications of spiritual authority in one's life as they walk in the culture of God's kingdom.


November 1 2017

10-29-17 Nathanael Flock - Kingdom Culture: Honor That Dismantles Darkness

Worship leader Nathanael Flock shares about a military tactic the enemy is using to distract and exhaust the Body, as well as the urgent importance of embracing heaven's perspective of honor.

PLEASE NOTE: A higher quality audio version with video is available here: Nathanael Flock - Honor That Dismantles Darkness





October 24 2017

10-15-17 Teresa Heath - Garments for the New Season

City Gate Atlanta leader Teresa Heath shares some prophetic insight paired with a vision from another member of the City Gate Atlanta leadership team. It's a message of hope and direction as we look into this new season we are stepping into!

We apologize for the low quality of the recording - if you would like a higher quality version, you can see the video recording here on our Facebook page, from 10-15-17:

10-15-17 Teresa Heath - Garments For The New Season



October 10 2017

10-8-17 Jacquie Tyre - Feast Of Tabernacles: God’s Dream

All throughout Scripture we see God's desires revealed - one of the clearest dreams of God is His longing to tabernacle with man. Jacquie Tyre explores the revelation of this mystery and how it coincides with the Feast of Tabernacles!


October 3 2017

10-1-17 Dutch Sheets - Air Supremacy

Special guest Dutch Sheets gives apostolic insight into the coming year, including direction for the praying ekklesia and a prophetic forecast into the next 4 years of America. Be prepared and anticipate great things!


9/24/17 Jacquie Tyre - Entering the Year 5778

Shana Tova! Jacquie Tyre explains the significant prophetic implications of the year 5778, and provides practical insight into how we should posture ourselves and prepare for everything God has planned in this next year! Get excited, because God is doing a new thing!


September 19 2017

9-17-17 Jacquie Tyre - Casting Off Reproach

As we prepare for the year 5778 on the Jewish calendar, apostle Jacquie Tyre gives an important exhortation on how to get free from the covering of reproach and why it is so important as we go into this new year!

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