June 19 2018

6-17-18 Dr. Patti Amsden - A Tale of Two Families (Part 2)

It's been a year since Dr. Patti Amsden was with us to release the initial message on "A Tale of Two Families" - join us for this week's powerful second part as she builds upon the revelation from Part 1!


June 14 2018

6-10-18 Jacquie Tyre - Kingdom Discipleship: Developing Enduring Strength

This week we continue with another Kingdom Discipleship message from apostle Jacquie Tyre - this time tackling the topic of how we can develop the enduring strength required for us to "finish the race" well!


June 5 2018

6-3-18 Jacquie Tyre - Kingdom Discipleship: Living In, By, and For Christ Alone

This week let's revisit what discipleship is supposed to produce: a true disciple. Do you know what one looks like? Do you have the traits of a true kingdom disciple? Find out on this week's podcast from City Gate Atlanta!


May 29 2018

5-27-18 Richard Vogan, Kathy Vogan, and Sondra Lemser - 3 Messages for This Time

Three senior leaders of City Gate Atlanta brought a combined message for this Sunday's equipping time, covering communion, lessons from the life of David, and the expression of sonship on the earth.


May 23 2018

5-20-18 Jacquie Tyre - Fire Falls On A Sacrifice

On this Pentecost Sunday message, apostle Jacquie Tyre elaborates on the history of Pentecost and the response it should awaken in all of us! Are you ready to let Holy Spirit go to your deepest places to bring fire on your offering?


May 15 2018

5-13-18 Jacquie Tyre - Encourage One Another

One of the greatest tactics of the enemy is to discourage, dishearten, and wear out the Ekklesia - therefore one of the greatest tactics of the Ekklesia is to stay in the place of encouragement for one another. Be encouraged by this week's message from apostle Jacquie Tyre!


May 8 2018

5-6-18 Jacquie Tyre - United and Protected

Hidden throughout the Word of God are references to the armor of God and how it works in a corporate manner. Apostle Jacquie Tyre explains this week what it means to be a part of the armor of God in the corporate Ekklesia and what true unity looks like!


4-29-18 Jacquie Tyre - The Church Jesus is Building

This week's podcast from City Gate Atlanta is a great reminder about how we can partner with heaven to see the Church, the Ekklesia, that Jesus wants built in our day and our time. Listen to apostle Jacquie Tyre's message on the Church that JESUS is building!


April 24 2018

4-22-18 Yul Crawford - Making War With Your Prophetic Words

Are you still waiting for a prophetic word you received long ago to come to pass? Have you given up on some words spoken over your life because of what you perceive as delay? In this week's podcast, prophet Yul Crawford provides a brilliant and practical way to walk into your prophetic words!


April 17 2018

4-15-18 Dr. Don Lynch - Pioneers

Concluding an incredible conference on Fathering Leadership, Dr. Don ends the weekend with a provoking message about what it means to be a pioneer. Enjoy this week's special podcast!

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