May 15 2018

5-13-18 Jacquie Tyre - Encourage One Another

One of the greatest tactics of the enemy is to discourage, dishearten, and wear out the Ekklesia - therefore one of the greatest tactics of the Ekklesia is to stay in the place of encouragement for one another. Be encouraged by this week's message from apostle Jacquie Tyre!


May 8 2018

5-6-18 Jacquie Tyre - United and Protected

Hidden throughout the Word of God are references to the armor of God and how it works in a corporate manner. Apostle Jacquie Tyre explains this week what it means to be a part of the armor of God in the corporate Ekklesia and what true unity looks like!


4-29-18 Jacquie Tyre - The Church Jesus is Building

This week's podcast from City Gate Atlanta is a great reminder about how we can partner with heaven to see the Church, the Ekklesia, that Jesus wants built in our day and our time. Listen to apostle Jacquie Tyre's message on the Church that JESUS is building!


April 24 2018

4-22-18 Yul Crawford - Making War With Your Prophetic Words

Are you still waiting for a prophetic word you received long ago to come to pass? Have you given up on some words spoken over your life because of what you perceive as delay? In this week's podcast, prophet Yul Crawford provides a brilliant and practical way to walk into your prophetic words!


April 17 2018

4-15-18 Dr. Don Lynch - Pioneers

Concluding an incredible conference on Fathering Leadership, Dr. Don ends the weekend with a provoking message about what it means to be a pioneer. Enjoy this week's special podcast!


April 12 2018

4-8-18 Jacquie Tyre - Attracting the Fire of God

Did you know that there are things that we can do and live by, that attract the fire of God into your life? If you want more of God's fire in you, then this week's podcast is for you!


April 3 2018

4-1-18 Jacquie Tyre - Living On The Other Side Of The Cross

As we celebrate the resurrection today (and every day), Jacquie Tyre brings an encouraging word about the totality of Jesus' statement "It Is Finished", and how we can live in the complete and victorious live He has provided on the other side of the cross!


3-25-18 Jacquie Tyre - A Different Twist on Palm Sunday

As we began Passion week leading up towards Passover/Pesach, we remember the celebrations and teaching from years past - but this week's podcast is a fresh perspective on the timing and revelation found within Scripture regarding Palm Sunday and the historical events leading up to the resurrection of Christ! Enjoy this teaching from apostle Jacquie Tyre!


March 20 2018

3-18-18 Jacquie Tyre - The Month of Nisan

As we stay aware of God's timing and seasons, it's important we keep a focus on the Hebraic calendar and the insight into each month. Apostle Jacquie Tyre divulges the important matters of this month and how we can get the most out of this important time on God's calendar!


March 13 2018

3/11/18 Special Guest: Dr. Don Lynch

On this week's podcast, City Gate Atlanta features the dynamic teaching of Dr. Don Lynch as he explains the manner in which God is establishing key leaders in key gates to gain ground and mature the Ekklesia.

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